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About the Instigators

Members of the American Basketball Association

Established: 2023

Based in Clinton, Indiana -- the Hoosier State Instigators are the first team founded by the Apex Athletic Collective, LLC. 

As a fan-owned and operated organization, they are truly a team by the people, for the people.

This unique approach to team ownership has already garnered a lot of attention and support from fans across the globe.

The team's name, "Hoosier State Instigators," reflects their commitment to creating excitement and energy. They are dedicated to giving their fans a thrilling and memorable experience every time they're on the court. 

They are committed to hard work and constant improvement, have a strong team culture that emphasizes teamwork and mutual support, and are excited to represent their community on the international stage.

With an equally passionate fan base behind them, the Hoosier State Instigators are poised to make a big impact in their first season and beyond!

Instigators with the Community

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